My experience has been a good one for my shoulder surgery. Some exercises were difficult at first, but I could see improvement with each visit and am doing much better now. Thanks for all of your help Dr. Rich!

– Penny

This was a very good experience. Carlie addressed all of the issues I was having with exercises to increase my ability to these everyday chores at home. Staff is very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I am feeling so much better and pain free most days. Thanks so much

– Patricia

I came to therapy after a fall and had trouble bending my knee, and had a lot of difficulty even walking. Carlie and Resolve have been awesome in getting me back to 100%. All of the staff always make me feel welcome. I give them 10 out of 10 stars!!!!

– Morgan L.

It has been a wonderful experience for me and my knee replacement is doing great. You have helped me so much, I am so thankful for all of your help

It's been wonderful working with Dr. Rich and the entire staff is amazing.

It has been a wonderful experience for me and my knee replacement is doing great. You have helped me so much, I am so thankful for all of your help.

– Sara R.

Estoy muy agradecida por la ayuda de esta clínica. Mi hijo antes no tenia tanta resistencia, se caía mucho y los ejercicios le en ayudado mucho. Lo veo que ya no es tan frágil y ya mejorado en usar todo su cuerpo.

– Aaron

As an occupational therapist, I knew I would be very particular about the physical therapist I worked with to recover from Chronic Achilles Tendinitis. I have been very pleased with the therapy I recovered from Dan at Resolve. He is very knowledgeable and was able to problem solve to decrease my pain, increase my movement, and let me get back to doing more with my kids. I am happy with the therapy and my results. I would recommend Resolve to anyone needing PT services.

– Angela B.

My experience here at Resolve was amazing! Before it was frustrating for me to focus on school due to the pain I had. Now I can get past my day without pain. Thank you!

– Angela H.

My experience here was good. At first, I was not going to come but I am very glad that I did. After my second week, I started seeing results. As of today, I am very satisfied. They do a great job!

– Angela P.

Thank God for Resolve and their staffs! Without them, I would not be able to recover. I feel so much better then how I was in the beginning.

– Beaulah S.

For the last eight weeks, Resolve and their employees have given me a service beyond what I expected. I had a total knee replacement, so I was not able to use my knee as before. Resolve worked with me and I feel that they did a wonderful job with my therapy. If asked, I will recommend future patients to Resolve without a doubt.

– Bunkey

Before PT, I was not able to do much. Now I can walk unassisted and I am able to do most of the activities, even the ones I have not been able to do in a long time. Thank you, Dr. Dan, and Kim, for helping me gain strength again and for being so understanding during my recovery.

– Carolina L.

So, when I started PT, I had terrible headaches, and neck pain from a car accident. I am very satisfied with my treatment. My neck, headache, and vertigo are in complete control. Thanks to Dr. Dan. His staff members are incredible and humble! The best PT place around! Thank you so much.

– Carrie H.

My experience has been great! I came in with pain in the start and now leaving with no pain. Thank you Resolve!

– Danica B.

First and foremost, all of you made us feel welcome and comfortable. Some places are stiff and straight to the point. Resolve is better, speaking for Derek and myself. I can see how much the doctor and staff engage with Derek. It makes him feel more at ease and therefore more reception to what you are trying to accomplish. Thank you so much, Derek has made good progress while being here. This doctor is a real great addition to the town of Siler City. Thank you, Doc.,

– Derek’s Grandfather

I have improved a great deal in my movements, balance, and walking without my walker and putting more weight on my legs. Thank you Resolve!

– Evelyn G.

A Jr. le ayudó mucho a venir aquí. Cuando llego aquí en Resolve, no podía caminar y ahora el progreso mucho. Gracias al equipo de Resolve por trabajando duro con Jr. y ahora yo puedo ver la diferencia. ¡A él le gustaba venir a sus terapias y también le gusto ser sus terapias con Caroline y las muchachas! Les agarro mucha confianza a todas. ¡Gracias por todo! Son un gran equipo en Resolve.

– Francisco

En la primera cita, Hellen tenia la cabecita un poco mas plana de un lado y prefería ver solo de ese lado. Con los ejercicios que el doctor me dijo que hiciera y con los que el hiso en la clínica, Hellen se progresó y se fue notando. Estove muy satisfecha y contenta con la evolución de mi bebe. Ya Hellen está bien y la atención fue excelente.

– Mama de Hellen L.

Before starting physical therapy, Jackson’s legs were bowed out so far. He could not walk or run to far without tripping over his own feet or falling down. His balance was off. Now, his balance has improved. He can go so far without falling and he can squat down and pick himself up better.

– Jackson 0.

Excellent and friendly staff, very knowledgeable. Staff did well with empathy and communication. Prior to PT, I had numbness in the right foot, persistent back pain which pain medication was no longer able to manage with difficult lifting and bending. At this point, I no longer have any numbness and my back pain is mostly absent unless I am performing an activity that specifically exacerbated it. PT also taught me safer ways to move to help prevent future injuries. I would say I am back to my baseline prior to my injury.

– Jon B.

If I must have PT again, this is the place I would come back to. They help you get better. Dan is a great guy, and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Resolve!

– Judy C.

I enjoyed my experience here at Resolve. The atmosphere is excellent! When I first entered the clinic, I had problems bending over and had a lot of pain in the lower back. Today there is no pain and I am able to tie my shoes without pain.

– Lewis B.

First time I came in Resolve, I remember trying to do an exercise and I could not do it because I was not able to make a fist nor be able to grab a tool. I was mad at myself for not being able to do it. Now I can close my hand fully into a fist with no pain! I can trim at work and do my kids hair in the morning. I never thought how much I used my left hand until I could not use it for weeks. I can do mainly everything daily with no pain, even carry my clipboard. Never imagined how much PT would actually help and it did!

– Mariana P.

My experience was great here at Resolve. Daniel called at the beginning when I changed therapy and was very helpful. I wish I would have come here in the beginning. I had pain in the knee and Daniel had worked the pain out. I was having a few issues, but he said that it will ease off. So, I am taking his word on it. Great staff and great experience! I would recommend to anyone needing PT.

– Michael L.

After having rotator cuff, bone spur surgery, I thought I was going to die with pain. I was so dreading PT because I could rarely move my arm at all without causing excruciating pain. I just knew PT would put me over the edge and cause my pain meds to go up. Thankfully, this was not the case here at Resolve. Dr. Dan and staff were so easy with PT, without causing a lot if pain or rarely any pain for that matter. I have recovered a lot quicker than I anticipated, thanks to Resolve. I would recommend Resolve to everyone since I have had such a great experience here and everyone is so nice and like a big family and very caring.

– Michelle O.

Coming to PT was great! I had stiffness in lower back and sharp pain on outer hip region. The sharp stinging pain has gone from frequent to seldom. My upper and lower regions have been strengthening. The added and improved strengths have provided me the ability to get up from the floor without any reason to grab a hold of something. I have much improved balance along with less dependence on cane.

– Russ

My experience with Resolve has been excellent. The doctor and staff are very personable and kind. The PT activities was very successful in shoulder strength and mobility improvement.

– Rusty E.

All great people always positive, engaging, and attentive. As a 74–years–old, I have accomplished many activities that I thought it was impossible. Before therapy, my ability to walk in a straight line (sideways, toe–to–toe, lift over right) with total and heavy support was not done. My muscle has strengthened tremendously, my arthritic knee has loosened, and my energy level has shown improvement in my daily tasks. The balancing activities (eyes open and close, standing still, head motions– up and down, left to right, bouncing, and balance) has all shown gradual improvement and success. I can do the leg lifts, weights, and stretching activities with no problem!

– Sandra P.

My experience in Resolve Physical Therapy has been really good. I am surprised that the exercise that Caroline demonstrated helped. I hate the pen exercise, but it works! I had trouble with balance, but it has improved a lot. When I first came in, I was dizzy, but by doing different exercises I feel back to normal.

– Shonai M.

La experiencia fue la mejor. El trato que me dieron fue de lo mejor y con las terapias me ayudó mucho para mi dolor que sentía y me ayudo en otras partes del cuerpo. Estoy muy agradecida con el servicio y con el trato que me dieron. Gracias sin duda alguna los recomendaría. En las actividades des pues de mi accidente se me dificultaba hacer mi trabajo e incluso en mi hogar. Ahora con las terapias, me siento mucho mejor. Ya puedo hacer las cosas sin ningún dolor alguno.

– Susana H.

My experience was awesome. Everyone was so nice and helpful. When I started, I could not even use my arm/hand to write my name due to not very able to move any direction. I could not brush my teeth, wash my hair, or put my clothes on without help. I can now do all these things with not pain at all. I am very thankful I chose Resolve Physical Therapy.

– Wendy A.

I was having real problems the first day. I had to stop and rest. Now on the last day, I feel like I can run out. I could not do anything but to sit on the couch and hold my leg. Compared to now, I can do normal activities. Now with the help of Resolve PT I can get back to work.

– Willie D.