Pediatric Neurological Conditions

Pediatric Neurological Conditions

Pediatric Neurological Conditions

Physical Therapy Can Meet The Needs Of Children With Neurological Conditions

Children with neurological conditions have a range of signs and symptoms based on the area(s) of the nervous system affected, the causes and the environment in which they are developing.

Resolve Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Siler City and Archdale, NC offers comprehensive therapy services at our clinic, including physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), and speech therapy (ST). These services are essential in optimizing recovery/function in children with neurological conditions.

If your child is living with a neurological condition, give Resolve Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Siler City and Archdale, NC a call to schedule an evaluation today.

Types Of Pediatric Neurological Disorders

While Resolve Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation cannot detail information on all pediatric neurological disorders (because there are so many), we can highlight those we see frequently in our Siler City and Archdale, NC practice.

Some of the most common pediatric neurological disorders are:

  • Cerebral palsy (CP)
  • Spina bifida
  • Down syndrome (DS)
  • Autism
  • Brachial plexus injury (BPI)

CP is caused by an injury to the brain in utero (neonatal stroke), during delivery (cord around infant’s neck), or soon after birth (meningitis). Children with CP have changes in muscle tone and difficulty with movement.

Spina bifida is a disorder that is caused by damage to the spinal cord, but also has implications for the brain, e.g., hydrocephalus. It causes motor disorders primarily, but develops into a systemic disorder with growth.

DS is a genetic disorder causing a child to have low tone and developmental delay. Children with DS also demonstrate intellectual disability.

Autism is a disorder that affects multiple parts of the brain including the cerebellum, which controls coordination. Autism is related to some genetic syndromes, e.g,. Rett syndrome.

BPI results most often from a difficult birth where the baby has to be pulled out by an arm. Paralysis leads to weakness of the arm and eventually tightness of the muscles if not treated.

Does your child have any of these neurological conditions? Are you searching for therapeutic support to help them learn, develop, and enjoy a more satisfying childhood? Call Resolve Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation to learn more about how our team can help.

Our Therapy Team Is Experienced And Ready To Help Your Child

If your child has any of these conditions, rest assured that help is available to you. We have a team of therapists who are skilled in what they do and know how to make your child’s life easier and more enjoyable.

Call us at Resolve Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation in Siler City and Archdale, NC to schedule an evaluation, and rest assured that your child is in good hands with us, regardless of their neurological condition.


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